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Issue 45 / April 2020
eds. Dorothee Richter, Paul Stewart

Curating the Digital

This issue compiles a series of perspectives on art-making and curating that consider forms of production through contemporary digital networks as well as increased reliance on digital technologies. We consider the issue as a much-needed start to discuss curating under digital conditions on our platform. Each interview, artwork, and article thinks through contemporary practices that rework or examine what the relationship of place, automation, labour, and archives have in relation to technological effects in production under neoliberalism. Four interviews focus on art practice and digital art-making and also how the digital is an asset in the making and production of art and society. We are excited to present and bring together the thoughts and words of such a variety of strong and needed voices that exist in the art, political, and academic worlds.

The issue is concentrating on the digital in a moment when a pandemic is demonstrating that our ways of communicating will change drastically in the coming years.