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Issue 53

Situated Knowledges – Curating and Art on the Move

by Ronald Kolb and Dorothee Richter


by Jeanne van Heeswijk and Whitney Stark

Training for Together: Extended Bodies Exercise

by Lee Weinberg and Alison Green


by Basia Sliwinska and Caroline Stevenson

Whisper Game: Practising Attention Through Caring and Pacing

by Debe Sham and Georgia Kennedy

Cloth Knowledge: Sculpting with a Missing Corner

by Bo Choy and Chloe Ting

Situated Knowledge, Situated Works

Nadim Abbas, Rose Li, Edward Sanderson (with Fiona Lee Wing-shan), Lang Tu (with Anouchka van Driel)


by Noit Banai and Dani Gal

Memory Communities at the Crossroads

by Ronald Kolb and Dorothee Richter

Scores – From Situated Knowledges to Shared Action