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Issue 32

In this Context: Collaborations & Biennials

interviewed by Nkule Mabaso

Smooth Nzewi

Elvira Dyangani Ose

For Whom Are Biennials Organised?

Notes on Activist Art by Gregory G. Sholette

Counting On Your Collective Silence

interviewed by Nancy Dantas

Justin Davy of the Burning Museum

interviewed by Nkule Mabaso

Gregory Sholette

by Ntone Edjabe, Chimurenga in Conversation with Valeria Geselev

Why you don’t see people collaborating on building hospitals and 4 other thoughts on collaboration

Nkule Mabaso


interviewed by Nkule Mabaso

Daudi Karungi Director Kampala Art Biennale

interviewed by Olga Speakes

Mishek Masamvu