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Issue 54

documenta fifteen—Aspects of Commoning in Curatorial and Artistic Practices

by Ronald Kolb and Dorothee Richter


by Unchalee Anantawat, Ariane Sutthavong, Lara van Meeteren, Bart Wissink

On the Ideological Flexibility of the Cultural Common(s): The Many Lives of Thailand’s Art Lane

by Anna L. Tsing, Jennifer Deger, Alder Keleman Saxena and Feifei Zhou

Feral Atlas and the More-than-Human Anthropocene

In Conversation with Anastasia Baka, Leilani Lynch, and Anna Wälli

Britto Arts Trust: Tayeba Begum Lipi and Mahbubur Rahman

in Conversation with Leilani Lynch and Maria Mumtaz

Gudskul’s Marcellina Putri, Gesyada Siregar, and MG Pringgotono

in Conversation with Sophie Brunner, Marinella-Sofia Gkinko, and Maria Mumtaz

Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF): Ismal Muntaha and Al Ghorie

in Conversation with Rosela del Bosque, Olena Iegorova and Veronica Mari

Más Arte Más Acción: Jonathan Colin, Alejandra Rojas, Rossana Alarcón and Carmenza Rojas

Hajnalka Somogyi, Eszter Lázár, Nikolett Eross, Katalin Székely, Bori Szalai, and Eszter Szakács in Conversation with Anna Konstantinova and Giulia Busetti

A Defibrillator for the Independent Art Scene: OFF-Biennale Budapest

in Conversation with Smadar Samson and Giulia Busetti

Project Art Works: Kate Adams and Patricia Finnegan

An Interview with Morten Goll, Trampoline House in Conversation with Nadine Bajek, Thamy Matarozzi, Alejandra Monteverde, and Anna Wälli

A New Home for Trampoline House

In Conversation with Chiara Borgonovo, Rosela del Bosque, Marina Donina, and Lotte Van Ermengem

Wajukuu Art Project: Shabu Mwangi and Ngugi Waweru

In Conversation with Marina Donina and Regina Tetens

Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik Berlin: Philip Horst (copy)