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On Artistic Practice

The collection is organised in two sections. The section "On Artistic Practice" examines decolonial aesthetic strategies in artistic productions. The artistic mediums used include photography, film, theatre (including contemporary drama and performance), visual art, music, video, and fine art. The essays reflect on the mutual enrichments that can occur between critical art practices and social movements. In these reflections the contributors elaborate upon the conditions for politicized critical practice, and examine the politics of institutional memory and the archival silences operating within the university.

by Sharlene Khan

Unorthodox Autobiographies

Interview: Nwabisa Plaatjie by Lindokuhle Nkosi

Land as Milk: The Body as a Border

Interview: Nomcebisi Moyikwa by Linda Makgabutlane

Qash-Qash: One Mirror Image of Black Womanhood

by Nobunye Levin

Willful Walking

by Nduka Mntambo

Decartographical Sketches

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Issue 49

Decolonial Propositions