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by Dudu Quintanilha

In Case You Forgot How I Looked

– Artist Project

In Case You Forgot How I Looked,  Dudu Quintanilha


In Case You Forgot How I Looked, Dudu Quintanilha


In Case You Forgot How I Looked, Dudu Quintanilha


In Case You Forgot How I Looked, Dudu Quintanilha


In Case You Forgot How I Looked, Dudu Quintanilha


Dudu Quintanilha is an artist who uses video, performance, collaboration and research to study expanded experiences of art engagement and social vulnerabilities. Along with Anita Silvia Lima Miranda, he is a founding member of Grupo Mexa, which uses artistic practices such as writing and performance to develop articulations of social issues in São Paulo. He is also a founder of Eterno Work In Progress, with Luisa Cavanagh, a film club that works to deconstruct ways of showing audiovisual works. His main individual exhibitions are: XX.XX.XXXX (2019, Mite Galería, Buenos Aires), Cancioneiro Terminal with Grupo Mexa (2019, Museu da Cidade, Bienal Sesc de Dança, Campinas, 2019), Peup- (2018, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kanal Centre Pompidou, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels), Fantasía casi soneto después de una lectura de dan(c)e (2017, Universidad DiTella, Bienal de Performance, Buenos Aires), Passinho (2016, DotFiftyOne Gallery, Miami), Ingobernables (2015, Mite Galería, Buenos Aires), Young at Heart (2014, Solo Proyecto Arco Madrid, Madrid), Coragem (2012, Museo de Arte Contempor á neo de Rosario, Rosario), Después de todo lo anterior (2012, Galería Garash, México DF), Selfcleptomano (2011 Mite Galería, Buenos Aires). He was part of the following residencies: Q21 MuseumsQuartier (Vienna), Casa das Caldeiras (São Paulo), Red Bull Station (São Paulo), and LEA Faena Arts Center (Buenos Aires).


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