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by Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv

Public Performance Detox Dance

Detox Dance is a public performance performed in Square Dance manner. Our easy-to-learn dancing patterns have been inspired by movements of relaxation, martial arts and fragments of Roma Dances. Every participant is part of a liquid social sculpture. By moving together and sharing a common public space we celebrate a moment of common activities into a joyful becoming “The Future is Roma”.

Mo Diener, RJSaK 3rd of June 2017

Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv (RJSaK) is the first art collective in Switzerland dedicates its activities to creat new fresh images of the Roma minority. Based in Zurich, the group works transdisciplinary with members from the arts, acting, and design, and collaborations with guests from different fields. Since its first intervention in 2013 at a local art space, RJSaK has performed in Zurich at Manifesta 11 Parallel Events, Kunsthaus Zurich, Shedhalle as well as in other cities. Apart from its public art performances, the collective is engaged in political activism with various NGO’s and in a working group at the federal office of culture BAK, currently in the process of shaping the rights of minorities with regards to Roma, Sinti and Yenish communities in Switzerland.

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Issue 35

Decolonizing Art Institutions

by Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv

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