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by Manon Slome

No Longer Empty

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ISBN: 9798367541403

No Longer Empty: Building Art and Community in Unused Spaces is a publication that re-evaluates and reflects on the work of New York City­–based nomadic arts organization, No Longer Empty.  The book, amply illustrated with photographs of artworks and events, details the development of a curatorial program that aimed to create a democratic access to art through site- and community-responsive exhibitions and radical educational programming deeply grounded in local research.  Divided into three sections – How it Happened, Making it Accessible and Making it Replicable - essays by six key participants trace the evolution of the group’s highly innovative curatorial, educational and collaborative programmatic strategies. Case studies of selected exhibitions, short accounts by a host of artists and educators, and replicas of forms and checklists function as a kind of manual to inspire the next generations of makers and agents of change—curators, artists, community organizers, educators—who want to take cultural production and the power of art into their own hands and into their own communities.


Manon Slome
co-founder and Curator of No Longer Empty, is deeply committed to opening up spaces and discourses that lead to a more democratic access to art. Leading No Longer Empty through a twelve year cycle and through some 40 exhibitions, the organization harnessed the power of art to explore community narratives and key issues of social justice, collaborating and co-programming with local organizations, residents and civic leaders to ensure relevance and highlight the cultural vibrancy and narratives of host neighborhoods.  The model also championed the freedom of artistic production not bound by institutional and commercial constraints allowing artists, through a program of commissions, to expand their practice and engage with wider audiences.

Chief Curator of the Chelsea Art Museum, NYC from 2003 -2008 , she produced a series exhibitions which intersected artists with key issues of the time such as Dangerous Beauty, Surface Tension and Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on. At the Guggenheim Museum, (1995-2003), Slome organized Africa: The Art of a Continent, China 5000 Years and the Art of the Motorcycle.

Slome continues to curate internationally and write extensively on contemporary art.

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